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To Blog or not to blog? Contemporary Glamour coming soon.

I am guilty of ignoring this blog in favour of Facebook and other social media. I was actually going to just shut it down because I simply don’t have time to administer all the communication that I currently use. That was until I was advised the other day that was a BAD idea. Why? you ask.

It is amazing to me that people actually take the time to work all this stuff out. I’m very glad they do, but it’s still amazing.

Ever read something on Facebook, you know, a recipe or DIY something or other and then had to scroll for ages trying to find it again (and that’s if you even can)? I do it all the time and I only have 100 or so friends on my personal page. Imagine how it is for people with hundreds of friends…well, they just wouldn’t be able to do it. It seems that is the big problem trying to keep people up to date with your business on Facebook. It doesn’t stay visible in a newsfeed for longer than it takes for all the other friends and businesses to knock it off with their posts.

Hmmm, that means that unless people go directly to the business’ social media page, all the posts that are made just disappear into the newsfeed abyss.

Recommendations are coming through that we should be maintaining a blog with TWICE WEEKLY POSTS! Write a synopsis of the post on your social media with a link back to the full post on the blog.

OK, I’ve picked myself up off the floor and have got my head around that.

Here it is. I will start today and try to meet the recommendations (May I build up to it with once a week posts to start?)

So here is my post for this week…

I have predominantly been a maternity, newborn, children and family photographer for the last couple of years. I absolutely LOVE doing this but I’ve been bitten by the makeover/beauty bug and the amazing reception I’ve seen from women who have been involved.

Life is so busy for women of all ages and, sometimes, often, regularly, we seem to put everyone else first and neglect ourselves. When we do this everyday, we can start to lose that confidence that accompanies looking and feeling great. Glamour photography was big in the 80’s and dropped off in the 90’s so that it was only a very small group of photographers still offered it. There is a movement afoot to bring it back. Not the plastic poses and feather boers of the 80’s but classic portraits that let your beauty shine through with a contemporary fashion flair.

I’ll be launching this genre very soon at Avenue Blu when I iron out exactly how they will be presented but thought I’d share a couple of images from sessions I’ve been working on. The client reactions have been amazing and I’ll admit it gives me a warm feeling when I see their amazement and then watch their confidence soar.

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